Saturday, December 18 was a success!

This morning, we started out with a new volunteer orientation, where around 25 people came to learn about the VHS programs and about our history. It was great to see so many people come, especially just a few days before Christmas. I am so thankful for all of these new volunteers we will have!
Shortly after, we had visitors lining up outside before 11 to see three small Siamese kittens we rescued from East County Animal Shelter. Siamese cats are always a big hit here at VHS, understandably. All at once, crowds of people came to see them, as well as other cats and kittens we had. It was great!
By 11:30, Glam and Glitter were getting adopted and….Sphynx and Thumbelina were getting adopted together! The folks that adopted Glam and Glitter were absolutely ecstatic to be taking such great kittens home. Both cats got along together very well and will be living with a 13 year old cat. As for Sphynx and Thumbelina, they are going to a great home! I already heard from their new family that their new names are Buster and Lily. Sphynx came to us back in May as a 5 day old kitten with his siblings and mom. We sent them into foster for a while so that they could grow and nurse off of mom. Once they were all big enough, they were spayed and neutered and brought into the shelter to be adopted. Since Day 1, we knew Sphynx’s mom was feral, so we released her out back of VHS where she is now happy. We all see her daily and love her; her name is Egypt, and she is a DLH Tuxedo cat.
Things did not slow down any after these four were adopted. Shortly after, adoption paperwork was in the works for Glitz, one of the three Siamese from ECAS. The lady who adopted her was thrilled to have met her and could not wait to finish the paperwork to take her home. Glitz and her new owner were a perfect match, and I am so happy for both of them.
After a short break in chaos, a family came in looking to adopt a pair of kittens. We helped them by naming off all of the pairs we have currently…which is a lot (Scooby & Freddie; Prada & Gucci; Leo & Virgo; Decaf & Latte; Boq & Elphaba; Ant & Doc; Bruschetta & Tiramisu; Laverne & Shirley). They spent a couple hours with us choosing the best fit, and after much thought, they knew Boq and Elphaba were chosen! These were our sixth and seventh adoptions of the day!
And lastly, we finished the busy day with Tiramisu’s adoption. A nice mom and daughter came in looking to adopt, but not sure what they were interested in. They were also the family who came to us and adopted Sweetie this time last year! Tiramisu’s purrs and playfulness stuck out right away. This adoption again was a perfect match, and I am so happy for them.
Throughout all of the adoptions today, we also held a small “Volunteer Appreciation Get-Together” for our volunteers. We brought in some holiday goodies, and had treat bags as a thank you to our volunteers. Thank you to all of the volunteers who made it out today. And, of course, thank you to ALL of our volunteers who work so hard every day for us.
Below are some photos of our adopted animals from today:

Thumbelina- now Lily

Sphynx- now Buster






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