Saving Gracie

gracieGracie came to us nameless, but now she will never be forgotten! VHS rescued this affectionate Dachshund mix on January 15, her foot a mangled mess dangling at her side. At the Hayward shelter where she was initially brought as a stray, they thought she’d been hit by a car. How long she wandered in pain is unknown, but one thing is certain…she’s in good hands at VHS!

Gracie went directly to the vet for treatment of her injuries, where the severity of her injury required that her leg be amputated. Currently she is enjoying a pampered recovery in foster care, and eventually she will receive lavish attention from volunteers and staff while she awaits adoption at VHS.

Gracie is one of the lucky ones. She has a new name, and will soon have a new family calling it out to bring her running for love and affection. It is because of your support that VHS is here to rescue and rehabilitate animals like Gracie. Yet there are so many more who need saving…

Won’t you give today to support Gracie’s surgery and care, and the rescue of other dogs and cats just like her?

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