Pet Adoption

Our goal is to find a permanent home for each dog and cat in our care. We start by using our knowledge of the animal’s individual needs and personality to make the best possible match with a new family. Then we stick around to provide support and counseling during your pet’s transition to its new home. View our currently available animals.

Animal Intake

At Valley Humane Society we strive to save as many lives as possible. In order to do so we accept animals from a mixure of sources. We prioritize rescuing animals in imminent risk of euthanasia from other rescue groups and our local County shelter. We are the only no-kill facility in the Tri-Valley region offering any private owner surrender of pets. All private surrender requests will be screened and we reserve the right to deny these requests based on certain circumstances. Acceptance of surrendered pets depends on available space, animal’s age, health & socialization. All owner surrendered animals will be placed on a 4-6 month waiting list. Once our wait list gets to a point of extreme length we will close it in order to fairly communicate our abilities to the public. At Valley Humane Society we reserve 10% of our kennel space & foster homes for geriatric & special needs animals. Once the 10% is filled we can not accept anymore animals of this description until a spot becomes available. Following these guidelines helps us to maximize our life saving capabilities.