Sunday afternoon Kitty update

Everybody is doing fabulous this afternoon. Julie jumped out of her cage a little bit ago and is now sniffing around and checking out everything in Kitty City. Jake is out playing with a toy mouse and Lisa is stalking a water bowl…really, I’m not kidding. She slammed her paw down in the bowl too, I’m not sure what she was thinking, and made a huge mess of water. She then ran into the back room. Haha, silly girl. Also, Noodle is doing well after her spay surgery yesterday.
Liz, our Animal Care Associate let Autumn roam around the front room today and boy was Autumn a happy gal when I came in this afternoon. She was even smiling a bit. 🙂 She must have been playing a lot because there were toy mice everywhere and when I put her in her cage, she curled up in her bed and fell straight to sleep, still smiling.
It’s lonely without the exuberant kittens running around all over the place!
Everybody in Purple and Red are happy and purring away today as well. 🙂
Wanda says hello and told me to say that she wishes everybody enjoys the rest of their weekend and can’t wait to see you all again Tuesday!

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