VHS Update

I got this email from Nat today;

“Today- Scnoodle Murphy adopted, also kittens Loisse and Chrissy .Sanchez the dog that we sent to Shih Tzu rescue was groomed the day off transfer, at that time they found that he was severly matted to the point where he has some bleeding, the next day he was neutered. He then met with a past adopter from 6 years ago and the person and past Shih Tzu that they had adopted got along well with him so it looks like he will be adopted by them! Yay for Sanchez!”

And this email from Thomas;

“The family that adopted Murphy are from Hawaii. She’s a nurse at Stanford, (has a little girl and a cocker spaniel) here for a year and drove to Cupertino and back to get her other dog to make sure he got along with Murphy. [And] he did.”

Chrissy got adopted by a single woman who [was] very nice and fell right in love with Chrissy

Louise got adopted by a single guy who just thought Louise was the coolest cat ever.”

Yay for three great adoptions on Saturday!

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