Calendar Contest Update #3

Hi again all! Here is the third update 🙂

1. Henry 225
2.Howie 200
3. Dylan 186
4. Stanley 150
5. Abbott and Dutch 130
6. Mitzie 125
7. Pinot 120
8. Pheobe 115
8. Neko 115
10. Nelson 110

And, a four way tie for the last three spots. All four of these photos had 100 votes. Here are the tie-photos: Kokomo, Daisey, Frank and Star.

Congrats everyone.

The total votes are now at: 2853


  1. Good job Melissa. This is a hard one to keep to date.Thomas

  2. Thanks Thomas. My Excel file is helping. I just updated and refreshed my VHS page and noticed that a whole bunch of votes have changed! I'm def going to do another update tonight.

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