Saturday Update

It’s a quiet day at the shelter. We had a new volunteer orientation this AM which was fun, and ever since it’s been pretty mellow!
Harry Potter is on hold to go home Tuesday morning. The man can’t wait to take home little Harry; I’m excited the first of the Harry Potters are going home. Hopefully they’ll all follow and go home quickly as well.

A man came in who was missing one of his cats; he takes care of the feral cats that live near his home. The cat is a dark/smokey grey and has been missing for 20 days. It’s a neutered male and was last seen around Bernal. If you’ve seen it or know anybody who has, call animal control to have them take it to ECAS because the man is continually checking ECAS to see if his cat is there. He seemed pretty distraught, I hope the cat shows up soon.

Our calendar contest voting is going fabulous, we’re not up to 5000 yet, but it’s definetely not the end of the day yet! There’s a lot of campaign posters up, I recommend coming down to the shelter and checking it out!

Calendar contest update #9 will be posted later tonight!

All the kitties say hello and would like for you to come down and visit; hope to see you soon!

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