The V’s, Mrs. Dash, and Crackle

Good morning!

Everybody at the shelter this is awake and happy 😀
Farrah is enjoying looking out the window right now!

Vanderbilt, of the V’s, was officially adopted yesterday!
Now, his brother and sisters are in KC!
Here is their info:

Velvet- Black Male
Vida- Grey and White Female
Vista- Black and White w/Diamond on her back Female
Viva- Black and White Female

Also, Mrs. Dash’s adoption to her foster dad was finalized. He was a nice man who found her ‘dashing’ on the side of the road. He fostered her for about a month, and couldn’t give her up for adoption, so he took her home 😀

And lastly, Crackle is on hold to go home Friday afternoon!

Let’s get these kitties adopted 🙂

Have a great day!

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