Clyde and new cats!

Clyde was adopted this afternoon by a great couple. He’s going to be in a great home with another cat who is playful and looking for a companion. I’m sure Clyde will fit in perfectly!

Also, in the past two days we have gotten 12 new cats in!
Tarzan and Jane, two small kittens, from ECAS. Mabel, a 3 year old Siamese mix from ECAS. Samantha, a medium hair tabby who loves to talk, and Karson, a black cat whose kind of shy from a private surrender. Naruto, an orange tabby from Fairmont Shelter. Annie, a black and white tuxedo DMH from Fairmont. Socks, a brown tabby from Fairmont. Slim, a big white and brown kitty from Fairmont. Brad and Angelina, two little kittens, from Fairmont. And, Wiggles, a worm of a kitten, from Fairmont.
All of these cats and kittens are in our purple room for the time being because they are new arrivals. Hopefully we will see some of them in kitty city soon!

Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday night!

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