Tootsie and Huey

Tootsie found her home early this morning! A nice lady who lives on her own saw Tootsie in the paper and just fell in love. Tootsie even sat in the lady’s lap. What a perfect match.
Huey was also adopted! Huey had been with us for over a year, so t
his was a huge adoption. The family he went home with had been coming to visit him for about a month before they made the big decision.
Congratulations to both of these amazing cats.
**UPDATE 12/11/2010
I received a phone call from the woman who adopted Tootsie on Friday. She exclaimed to me how great Tootsie was doing. I was ecstatic. Tootsie was a cat who I had seriously contemplating rescuing if she had stayed with us much longer. Tootsie had a rough life. Back when she was around 2, she was brought to VHS, and immediately adopted.
Her name those eight long years ago was Socks. After being in a home about seven years, it stopped working out between her owners and her. They just were not getting along anymore. So, they brought her back to us. Tootsie was such a shy cat and did not trust anybody. To the day she was adopted, she was still untrusting, not letting anybody hold her. As a senior cat, shelter situations are never easy either. The older the cat, the harder it is to adjust, no matter how hard we try to make everything perfect.
Regardless, after a long 11 month stay with us, she finally found her forever home. The nice woman saw her picture in the Independent newspaper and knew she had to be an angel to this sweet cat. Congratulations Tootsie. I miss you everyday.

As for Huey, his new family could not be any happier with him. They let us know how happy he seems to be, and how he is inquisitive and curious in his new home. They absolutely adore him, and are so happy at how great of a cat he turned out to be. Huey came to us in November of 2009. He was a young kitten at the time, that our vet tech had been feeding in her neighborhood. After she realized how shy and scared he was, she took him in to VHS’s adoption program. Long story short, he never did adjust to a shelter life. He preferred to spend the day laying in his litter box, napping. All of our staff and volunteers hoped and wished for him everyday that he would find a home. Thank goodness he finally found one, and with the best family anybody could have ever wished for him!

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