Ant, Doc, and Smokey

Ant and Doc were adopted together today!

Ant and Doc came to us with about 12 other cats from a home that just had too many animals. They were very young. We had named them after “The Insects”, “The Winnie the Poohs” and “The Seven Dwarves”. Ant was from the “Insects”, while Doc was from the “Dwarves”. We watched as most of these cats were adopted early May and June, and we had a few linger behind, such as Pooh and Happy. These two were adopted by one of our volunteers, Sharon. See posts further down for information on this. But, nobody ever seemed anxious to take Ant and Doc home, which was sad, because they were two of the sweetest from those two dozen cats. We even think they were part Siamese because of their long skinny faces and lanky tails. Well, long story short, they are in a great home now, and we could not be more happy for them! Congratulations to these two great cats.

And, Smokey found his forever home. Smokey was not with us long, as he was a Siamese. But, boy, did he have a lot of character…quite the mischievous one he was. Many people saw his beauty but wasn’t ready for his active personality. We are so glad he found a good home, and many will miss him.

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