Chanel was adopted today! Chanel was a mom who we took in from Contra Costa Animal Shelter near the end of July. At that time, she had tons of itty-bitty kittens, just days old. They needed to be rescued from a county shelter situation immediately.

Luckily, we were able to take them in as we had an open foster home. Mom was so elegant, and her babies were a variety of colors, including torties, grey tabbies, buff tabbies, and brown tabbies. Seeing as they were so special and unique, we named them “The Designers”. Mom was Chanel, while her babies included: Vera, Versace, Gucci, Prada, Armani and Gabbana.
After their spay and neuter surgeries, they all moved into Kitty City. These cats all were so much fun to play with and watch. Each one had their own personality that really shined, including Mom. I enjoyed watching them grow and slowly, some of them were adopted.
To this day, we still have Gucci and Prada, two brown tabbies. They are the best of friends, and I would love to see them go together…the funny thing is, they look so alike, they could be twins! The only difference is that one of them has a tan splotch on her tail that looks like she dipped it in a paint can!

Seeing our “momma” cats get adopted is one of my favorites. Seeing all that they have been through, and how hard they worked is very special.
Congratulations Chanel, I hope you are happy in your new home!

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