Christmas Day at Valley Humane Society

Christmas Day is truly magical at Valley Humane Society- that may sound silly, but I will explain why I say this. First, we are closed on Christmas and their is a sense of serenity between the cats and their feline counterparts when things are quiet around the shelter. They all play together peacefully and nobody ever seems to be in a bad mood. I think that when we are closed, they relax in preparation to “show themselves off” to the public when we are open.

Asides from that, Christmas Day is when all of the “Parcels for Pets” presents are opened and distributed to our homeless animals. In case you are wondering what parcels for pets is…..Parcels for Pets is modeled after Toys for Tots. Community members, volunteers, and staff could come pick up an ornament off our tree that had a homeless animals Christmas wish on it. They could then go out purchase the gift the animal wanted, wrap it up, and bring it back. We had the tree out for over a month, and collected a plethora of gifts! Today, I opened all of them and distributed them to cats. What a blast! I made a video with more information that I am hoping to post on our new VHS Youtube channel later. Keep your eye out!
In another sense, it has been pouring rain all day! I’m hoping our old modular doesn’t float away into the arroyo anytime soon, ha ha!
Happy holidays to everybody out there!

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