Gucci, Pooh and Happy

Today was a great day as well!

Gucci was adopted first today. She went home with the same family who adopted Bert & Ernie three months ago. They were looking for an addition that would fit in perfectly. Gucci was that perfect fit! She could handle playing with the other cat and loved the kids. Nothing phased her. Gucci was one of the “Designer” kittens. We rescued her with her siblings and mom from Contra Costa Animal Shelter back in July. They were just days old. She had a rough life to start out, and it’s only gone uphill since then. Why she had a rough life? Her mom was not always the best mom, she occasionally tried to down her babies in their water bowl. Good thing the foster home they were in did a great job of stepping in as mom when needed and helped monitor them to make sure they were safe!
Now, we only have one kitten left of the “Designers”, and that is Prada. She looks exactly like Gucci and has a cute paint tipped tail.
Then, Pooh and Happy were officially adopted by our fabulous volunteer Sharon C. Pooh had a rough life to start as well. In his first few months, he consistently was giving false positive reads on his FIV tests. It was a mystery that we could not figure out. We monitored him and tried to make sure this was not true. Thank goodness it was not. Eventually we got negative reads, and it stayed that way. Then, he started acting very strange, and we thought he had contracted a fatal illness, so Sharon took him in to spend his possible last days with her in a home. Fortunately, he overcame whatever he was sick with, and now is a happy, healthy, energetic kitten. Sharon wanted him to have a friend, because kittens love company, and she adopted littermate Happy as well. Now they are a happy family, and it is great news!
Congratulations to Happy, Pooh, and Gucci!

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