Muffin went home tonight!

Two roommates came in last Thursday looking for an older cat who had been here a while longer than most. This is always great news when people are interested in an older cat. Muffin instantly caught their eye as she is a beautiful brown tabby. After thinking about it for a few minutes, they knew it was a perfect match. Over the weekend, they set their home up for a new cat and bought what they needed. After they got off work on Tuesday afternoon, the man came in and filled out the necessary paperwork and took her home!
Muffin was rescued from Contra Costa Animal Shelter in late April, along with several of her kittens (Bran, Oat, Flax, Cranberry, and Blueberry). We put her into foster right away as her babies were very young. After over a month in foster, they were all fixed and put up for adoption. The first weekend they were here was our huge “Adoptathon” weekend back in June. We had put mom and babies in a dog-sized kennel on the ground in Kitty City. These babies were of the first to be swooped up. Of course, kittens never take long.
All of the volunteers waited patiently for mom to find a home after that weekend. And, now that she has been adopted, everyone is thrilled!
Congratulations Muffin!

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