Shaggy, Monet, and Count Dracula

Shaggy was the first homeless shelter pet to find a home today. A lady who had visited previously brought her daughter in to find a family pet. Her daughter was immediately drawn to the “Scooby Doos”and after visiting for a short time, she knew Shaggy was the perfect fit. They also expressed a lot of interest in Scooby, so maybe they will be back! It’s always great to see siblings go home together.
Next, Monet found her forever home. The great family who adopted “Angel” the dog a few weeks ago, met Monet their first visit here. Since then, Monet was lingering in their minds; when they saw Monet in the Independent they knew it was a sign sent to them. The family understood Monet’s “crazy” self and could not wait to bring her home. Monet will be living with many other animals and will hopefully be much happier! As Monet was Mayor, we are looking to elect a new Mayor, as well as Co-Mayor! So far, it’s looking like Licorice and Oceania have the most votes. What do you think? Leave any suggestions in the comments. And, vote in the poll! On the right hand side of the page. The poll will close on 12/15.

Lastly, Count Dracula found a home! A family who had traveled all over today looking for a dog thought they were out of luck. Our afternoon office volunteer handed them Dracula, and they fell in love. After family deliberation and a long walk with the lucky pup, they made their decision to complete the adoption.
I am thrilled for these three animals…especially Monet and Count Dracula, as they had been with us too long- in cat and dog terms, respectively.

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