Six adoptions! Yes, really!

The day before Christmas Eve, always a busy day filled with cooking, cleaning, and present wrapping, right? Wrong! Today six families picked out a forever friend here at the Valley Humane Society. Licorice, Catalina, Leo, Rockie, Cupid, and Jack were all officially adopted and here are their stories.

Leo was the first one to find a home today. Leo was one of the 13 kittens dropped on our back door step on Friday, August 13. We typically cannot take this many kittens in at once, let alone any animal dropped off on our back step, but there was something special about these 13 kittens. We had to take them in. We split them into 3 different litters according to their weight- one litter being “The Signs”. Leo was one of them, of course. We quickly got them spayed and neutered and made them available for adoption. Slowly, they all found their forever homes. Soon enough, we got down to two- Leo and Virgo. A family came in yesterday looking for a new addition. Unsure of what they wanted, a staff member handed them Leo. It was truly love at first sight. They left for the night to pick up the supplies they needed, and came back at 10:55AM this morning to pick up their new feline friend. It was a great match, and we are all so happy for Leo. Congratulations! Here is a picture of Leo back from August.

Immediately after, Rockie was officially adopted by his foster family. This family had adopted Blue Jay (his sister) two weeks before, and could tell she was lonely. They came in one day just to visit, and could not leave little Rockie behind. They swooped him up and fostered him for a couple weeks. While Rockie was at the shelter he had sprained his ankle after jumping over a cage- that is why the family fostered him for a couple weeks- to make sure it healed properly, and it most certainly did! They were thrilled to take him home, and love him very much.

As we finished the paperwork for Rockie’s adoption, a man came in looking for our most recent “Pet of the Week” Licorice. Gleefully, we brought both him and Licorice into our work room, where they both fell in love with each other. It did not take long for this man to decide this was the cat for him. He had another cat at home which he was slightly concerned about, but with patience, anything is possible and Licorice never seemed to mind one other cat. Licorice came to us from Fairmont Animal Shelter back in May before they closed. He was saved by one of their staff members who had noticed he had been there too long and not having any luck finding a home. We went and picked him up and he stayed here for 7 months. Licorice never did adjust to shelter life, having thirty plus roommates was very stressful for him, and all he wanted was a sunny window to lay in. Everybody here is so happy to see him adopted and finally in his forever home. He even served a short time as Kitty City Mayor where he tried to lead his fellow feline companions- he wasn’t the best mayor we have had- but I definitely think it helped him get adopted. 🙂 Here is a picture of Licorice days before finding his forever home.

After a short lunch break we enjoyed, our last three homeless animals of the day found homes. Catalina was the first to go of the three. A nice woman who had been emailing me about her for a few days came to meet her. Catalina curled up in the woman’s lap and began to snuggle. Both the lady and our beautiful Catalina seemed to be in heaven. It was no longer than 20 minutes after meeting, that the papers were being signed and Catalina was on her way home.
Cupid was our last cat adoption of the day. A nice family who had been previously interested in Catalina came in for another visit. After discovering that she had been adopted, they spent a long time in Kitty City searching for a better fit. The woman was looking for an older cat that would spend the days relaxing in her lap and keeping her company. Cupid seemed to be a great fit for this situation- and the family noticed this. Poor Cupid had a rough life before being adopted. He was left behind when his family moved away, so the neighbor next door took care of him while waiting for a kennel to open up here at VHS. Cupid was fully declawed and over ten years old, so he needed a home fast, as he could not defend himself outside. The neighbor truly wanted to keep him, but his son was highly allergic to cats, and it would have threatened his family’s health and safety. He fed Cupid and watched after him for almost three months until a kennel opened up. Once a kennel opened here, it did not take long for Cupid to find a home. He was a very handsome, vocal kitty who adored people.

Lastly, the dog we had all grown to love and adore was finally adopted. Jack was rescued back in October from a shelter in Fremont. We knew he would be a very active dog and would need help with some training with kitties and to settle down. He was about a year and a half old and we believe he was part Chihuahua and part Italian Greyhound (what a mix, right?!). The greyhound is what made him so active. His favorite things to do were run, go on hikes, and curl up in laps. After many failed adoption tries, we did not think anybody would ever have the patience this puppy like dog needed. We could tell he was getting sad, so we would let him sit with our office volunteers and answer phones and greet people- he loved it. Finally, a great lady came in last night, and found the dog she was looking for. I talked to her about his active needs and slight training he would need, and she did not mind! It was absolutely delightful. She went home to talk to her family and they all gave her the “thumbs up!”. Jack was officially adopted just before 5 and you could tell he knew that he finally found his home.

Happy Holidays to all of these amazing pets and their new families.
We wish you the best, and a happy new year!

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