This morning, Chase found his forever home! Chase came to us with his brother Jayden from another rescue organization. He had previously been at Kings County Animal Shelter where he was rescued from and then brought to us.

When he arrived, we thought he might have been semi-feral because he was so skiddish and nervous around people. As we were doing his vet check after he arrived, we determined he had a mild case of pneumonia! Wow! We put him in a large kennel in our adoptions office where he was put on “strict bed rest”. After antibiotics and a week of TLC, he was happy and healthy again, like he should be! He made the hugest muffins when he would knead his paws, and had turned out to be one of the nicest cats we’ve had thus far!

Thursday night around 4PM we moved him into Kitty City where we placed him up for adoption. Friday after lunchtime, the family who adopted Gabby back in August of 2009 came in looking for a friend for her. They originally had their eyes on Feta (of the Cheese’s) but fell in love with Chase.

They were ecstatic to bring him home, and I am so happy for him!

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