Martin & Velma

Martin was the first to get adopted today. Many never met Martin- he came to us from Tri City Animal Shelter at the beginning of the month, and immediately went into foster before his neuter appointment. A couple weeks after rescuing him, he was neutered and brought into the shelter. Just thirty minutes after Martin coming in and being put up for adoption, he was adopted! A great couple came in, and fell immediately in love.

They decided to name his D’Jango. I think it’s a perfect name for a cute little dog such as Martin.

Just as this was happening, a young man came in looking for a cat for his young daughter. As he walked in, Velma greeted him and he too, fell in love. You could tell it was meant to be. He went home to get everything set up and came back that afternoon to make it official.

Congratulations Velma and Martin!

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