Motorola & Carlos…..and Decaf!

Saturday’s are usually the busiest day at the shelter. We have about 25 volunteers during Saturday’s to clean/feed/socialize/answer phones, and have about the same number of visitors too. They are especially busy when we have dog adoption days or volunteer orientations.

Well, today was a day that started with an orientation. We had fifteen great attendees that we are looking forward to getting up and running with us. After the orientation ended, the adoptions began!

Right at 11, a lady had came in with her adult children to help her pick out two cats. Originally, they were thinking about adopting siblings, but as they sat in Kitty City and watched every one play. They fell madly in love with two very different kittens, Motorola and Carlos.

Motorola came to us back in May as a 4 week old kitten with no mom. She had three siblings who were all adopted very quickly. We presume Motorola was the last to find a home due to her being all black, which is a shame. Anyways, we sent the litter into foster with our staff vet tech, Pam who has an extensive knowledge on how to take care of young kittens without mom. She had them for almost two months until we got them all spayed. From there, they were brought into Kitty City and made available. Motorola watched as her sisters were adopted, and waited patiently. She was one of the prettiest DLH black cats we had at the time, and we were sad to see her still at the shelter.

Whereas, Carlos had a very short stay with us. He was rescued from Tri City Animal Shelter in Fremont a few days before Christmas. He was small, but his loud voice overcompensated for his petite figure. We waited for a neuter appointment to open up and eventually sent him into For Paws to get fixed. After a couple days of recovery, we moved him into Kitty City on Thursday afternoon, the same time we moved Chase in (see previous entry). With his bubbly personality, we assumed he wouldn’t last long- and we were right. Just a day and a half after moving in, he was swooped up and is now in his forever home, along with his new step- sister Motorola.

Congratulations to both Motorola and Carlos!

Then, just a short time after, a nice couple came in interested in Decaf. They had seen him online and wanted to meet him. Only about two weeks ago they had moved here from the UK and wanted a cat to join their dog. After an hour of visiting, we tried to convince them to take his sister, and best friend, Latte, but they only had the room for one at this time. Regardless, one is better than none and we were ecstatic to see him go home.

Decaf was rescued from euthanasia at Contra Costa Animal Shelter back in April. He was saved along with his mom Coffee and his three siblings. Again, these kittens were so small that we sent them into foster to protect them from catching anything in the shelter. After a couple months in foster, they were independent and weaned off of mom. We brought them in and waited for them to get adopted. The first to go was Espresso, a DMH black kitten who was adopted with a loving cat named Minerva. Then Cappachino went. Cappachino went home with the family that adopted Amici from the Pizza litter…. *we still have momma Pizza (if you’re interested!). Both of these adoptions happened almost immediately. We watched as Coffee (mom), and Decaf and Latte lingered behind. Finally- Coffee was adopted right before the new year. We couldn’t believe we still had Decaf and Latte though. Well, soon enough, Decaf found his home and we are so elated for him.

Now, Latte waits patiently for someone to fall in love with her. Hopefully, she will find a forever home soon.

Congratulations Decaf!

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