Snow….now Yoshi!

Snow, a small brown tabby, found his forever home today. Snow was a private surrender who came to us about 3 weeks ago. The lady who surrendered him found him on a deserted road near a bank in Alamo. He was in a box, all alone. She took him home to get him warm, and called immediately to put him on our long waitlist. After a couple weeks of waiting, we were able to get him in. Since he was so young, we immediately sent him into foster.

The funny thing about Snow is that we thought he was a girl for the longest time. He had so much fur that it was hard to tell. We sent him to get spayed one day, and For Paws (the vet clinic we use for Spay and Neuters in Fremont) called and asked if we had sent the wrong cat. We were confused because we knew Snow was a girl. Poor Snow….he really was a boy. He got neutered and recovered for a few days then was made available in Kitty City.

We thought he was going to get adopted in fourty-five seconds, but he wasn’t! He sat in Kitty City for a couple weeks. Finally, a great family who found him on petfinder, drove down from San Jose to meet him. They did fall in love and took him home shortly after meeting him.

Before they even left the shelter, they decided his new name would be Yoshi. It was a choice between Bowser and Yoshi, and they felt Yoshi fit his silly personality better.

Congratulations Yoshi!

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