Fiona, Esmeralda, Buzz & Honey

Four pets found their forever homes today, yahoo!

First, Fiona found her home with a kind family who could not resist her once they saw her! Fiona was only in Kitty City a little over a day.
Then, Esmeralda found her forever home with a nice young man who lives in San Jose. Esmeralda was very popular, receiving over 500 views on before she was adopted. Let’s just say, this young man was very lucky!
Lastly, Buzz & Honey were adopted together! These kittens had a rough start to their life. When they first came to VHS, some of their litter had distemper, so we had to treat them very carefully. Once they healed, they had ringworm! So, they went into foster care to get out the shelter. Once they cleared their ringworm cultures and were okay to come back in, they caught a cold and eye infections! We think that they knew they would be coming back and didn’t want to leave their foster home. Finally, they were healthy and good to come back in! Thank goodness.
We are all so pleased that they were adopted together!

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