Franklin went home to a great family today!

Franklin was rescued from East County Animal Shelter during the holiday season. He had been surrendered to the county shelter because the owners could no longer keep him. When our Animal Care Manager Brittany saw him sitting lonely in his cage lined with newspaper and an empty water bowl, she felt an instant connection and knew he would be a perfect cat for Valley Humane Society. She brought him back and he lit up. While we were waiting for a kennel to open up in Kitty City for him, he stayed in our Purple Isolation Room where he purred and gave hugs and kisses to all of those that visited him.
He looked like a teddy bear and stole the hearts of many. When he was moved into Kitty City, we all thought he would get swooped up immediately, but he wasn’t. After a month of waiting, his family finally found him.
The couple that adopted him had came in Friday just to browse and fell in love. They went home to decide, and even visited the East Bay SPCA and ARF just to make sure. After exploring their options, they couldn’t stop thinking about little Franklin and they came back for him.
Congratulations Franklin!

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