Peach, Sinatra & Clancy

Peach was adopted today! Peach is now in the same home as Carla. The family came in about a month ago and fell in love with both of them. But, both kittens had something called Coccidia, which is a parasite they shed in their stool. It is very common in animal shelters. Carla healed up from it first, and was the first to go home. Finally, Peach healed up and was ready to go home. Congratulations Peach!

Then, Sinatra and Clancy were adopted! Many of you probably had never even met these two great cats as they were adopted out of our purple isolation room! We had no spare kennels available in Kitty City, so they were available in Purple! A great family drove out from Castro Valley to meet them and fell immediately in love! Congratulations to these two amazing cats!

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