Recent Adoptions

We have had a lot of great adoptions lately!
First, Sunset went home on the 26th. Sunset was a gorgeous kitty who was only in Kitty City a few days before she was swept up. Her new family was here at the center for quite some time before they knew Sunset was a perfect fit.

Then, Reggie was adopted! Reggie was rescued from Kings County Animal Services and brought to us by a rescue we work with. Like Sunset, he was only in Kitty City for about a day. His new family absolutely adores him. It is great to see.

Reggie was a favorite here and will be missed. He loved sleeping on his back and lounging in the sun.

Then, Bart was finally adopted! Bart was one of the “Simpsons” litter we rescued early in January. His mom was adopted right away and so was his sister Maggie. His foster family adopted Homer. Lisa and Bart stuck around at the shelter for a while though. It was very sad. We put them as Pet of the Week in the local papers and on our home page. Lisa was adopted after being seen in the newspaper, but Bart still stuck around. Finally, one of our staff member’s friends came in to meet him and fell absolutely in love. She swooped him up! His new name is Jib, and he lives with a cat. Congratulations Bart!

Lastly, Angus found his forever home. He now lives with two Black Labrador Retrievers who adore him. The three of them are best friends and it seems like they always will be. Congratulations to this awesome dog!
* For those that don’t know, Angus was a Labrador/Dachshund blend 🙂

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