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Hello all! I was asked to start blogging with the Pleasanton Patch and I wanted to share my first post with you too!

Here it is:

My name is Melissa and I work for Valley Humane Society, Pleasanton’s very own no-kill animal center. I started at Valley Humane Society when I first attended a new volunteer orientation in October of 2007. From the first time I stepped in the door, I felt the warm energy and knew I belonged! Animals were always my passion, and now I had a place to share my love for our feline and canine companions. When I began, I volunteered with the Care & Comfort Team where I cleaned up after and fed kitties once a week. Every Thursday I came in and worked with two loyal volunteers, Sharon and Susan. Quickly, we all became friends and I knew that I never wanted to leave! Soon after starting, I was offered an opportunity to take our “Pet of the Week” onto local TV30 every Thursday. I jumped at the chance! Every Thursday from November 2007 until July 2008, when the news program’s budget was cut, I took a new kitty on local TV. From this, my passion for the organization only grew. After a short time helping out at our summer camp, Critter Camp, I was offered a job as an ‘Animal Care Assistant’.

I still remember my first day “on the job”. When I was handed a key to our modular and began training, I felt so proud and so happy to be helping hundreds of orphaned animals. As the months grew on, I became more and more involved with VHS and consistently wanted the best for us. At school, I would pass out flyers or pass on the word about what we do in hopes other people would understand. In February of 2010, VHS got its first big chance, when the Board of Directors and senior staff decided that we were able to start building a real facility. This real facility would be able to house plenty more cats and we would finally be able to accommodate and house dogs! As the days passed on, I caught myself dreaming about the new facility, and envisioning myself sitting in it, and saving more and more lives!

In August of 2010, construction began. I began a photo documentary of the move and now have posted those photos on the Valley Humane Society Facebook page. The photos can be found here. The construction process was long, but it was so worth it. About one month ago, the construction crew finished up. Although we are still not moved in, we have began slowly moving in boxes and some miscellaneous items. Just today, we moved cabinets out of the modular we are in now into the storage room in the new facility. We also have our current work room all packed up and ready to move next door! Currently, we are gearing up for the Maddie’s Fund Adoptathon, and we could not be more excited!

In this blog, I will be able to update you on current VHS happenings and events. I cannot be more excited to share my stories and reflections with an organization that I am so fond of and proud of. Thank you everybody!


  1. VHS is lucky to have you Melissa. I remember when you started as my helper on Thursdays. You were a great help and it has fun for me to watch your rise thru you're different jobs to become office manager. Now you are the boss and I work for you. With most young people getting recognition for all the bad stuff they do it is so nice to see you and the other young people who volunteer at VHS get recognition for all the good things they do. You all are making the world a better place for animals and humans alike. I hope to be able to work with you at VHS for many years to come. Sharon Crompton

  2. Sharon, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I loved working with you Thursdays! It was a blast. I am glad we still get to colloborate together often and VHS is also very lucky to have you Sharon. I don't plan on going anywhere for a long time 🙂 Thank you again.

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