Update on VHS Cat Melody

I recieved this email today, and I wanted to share:

“Wanted to send you a note about Melody who we have renamed “Bitsey”. She is one year old today and absolutely adorable!
We think she is about full grown now and is on the smaller size. She is 7 lbs 2 oz.
She is very playful — loves her toys and carries them around. She sits by the computer and watches the screen while we work. She especially loves to eat and knows the words, “dinner”, “treat”, “eat”, “kitchen” and probably a few more…
Bitsey sleeps with us in bed and is learning to not start playing until we get up (5:00 is too early!). She and Bee Gee (who was originally Cha-Cha, and is your cat’s sister) have really developed a nice relationship. They play together until Bee Gee (now 3) gets tired and cuts it off. If it’s real cold, they’ll sleep next to each other.
Well, this is getting too long and is probably pretty normal cat info. We just wanted to thank you, the wonderful foster homes and all the volunteers for working hard to give these cats and kittens a good temporary living place.
We absolutely love Bitsey and wanted to let you know that she is doing great!

Tom and Eunice”


  1. Hi – great story! Is the "cha cha" mentioned in this letter the cha cha that was at vhs and got adopted out awhile back? or is this a different, younger cha cha?

  2. Hi Alice,The Cha Cha mentioned in this story was a cat who belonged with the "Dancers" litter.The Cha Cha you are thinking of is the nice black kitty, right? He is doing very well. Living with a nice man, and VHS adopted cat, Oceania.

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