Success Story: Apollo

Apollo 11.28.15 (3)_square

It seems the third time really is opportune, when you’re a charming diety like Apollo! Adopted from Valley Humane Society as a kitten, sunny Apollo and his shadowy counterpart, Padfoot, were surrendered when their family was forced to move after just four years together. Good-natured and gentle, the flame point Siamese mix was a bright spot in Kitty City for more than four months when our Black Cat Friday Weekend adoption event brought his new guardian through the door. Nancy had been forced to give up her own beloved cat a number of years previously due to an extended hospitalization. She saw Apollo’s picture in the paper, and something reminded her of “Chyn.” In a recent letter, Nancy thanked Valley Humane for “reuniting” her with a virtual reincarnation of the cat she had to give up. “This precious cat is wonderful and full of curiosity!” she writes. “He claims ownership to the largest part of the bed and the best chair in the house.” Nancy keeps Apollo on his toes with regular games of hide-and-seek, placing treats around the house under cushions and pillows. “He finds them all,” writes Nancy. She sent her blessings to us for helping them to connect. As for Apollo? He’s in his third incarnation, and life is just golden.

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