Success Story: Bieber

Bieber 4 cropBieber wasn’t off to a very good start with his potential adopter. The tiny Chihuahua hadn’t even bothered to get up and greet her, dozing sleepily with eyelids drooping and tongue sticking out. “I don’t think so,” was the reply when Kris texted a photo of him to her boyfriend. Neither did she. Still, she returned the next day (despite injuring her knee that morning) to bring her two existing adoptive dogs–Finster a pug mix, and Mina, another Chi –for a meet-and-greet. The trio clicked, and Bieber found himself the coddled baby of a very loving family. Renamed Eddie, the timid, indifferent dog soon blossomed into an energetic, playful, fun-loving friend. Says mom Kris, “I thought I was bringing him home for his sake, but he’s given me so much.” She notes that it took being loved and showing love to create the beautiful pup she knows today. “I can’t imagine life without him!”

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