Success Story: Connor

cody and lisa

Lisa came to Valley Humane Society looking to fill the hole in her heart left by the loss of her dog, Ellie. As soon as she walked in the door, Lisa met four-month-old Connor, an adorable blond terrier mix. The puppy was hanging out behind the reception counter having some social time with the admin team. Lisa played with Connor and naturally fell in love. But having set her heart on adopting a young adult dog and not a puppy, in the end she left without him. Says Lisa, “I kept thinking about him all night and the next day. I called, but [VHS] was closed. Finally I left a message saying if Connor hadn’t been adopted, please keep him for me.”

Since that day, the active pup has been a huge part of Lisa’s life. Connor spends his days with three kitty siblings, including his favorite pal, Duke. The two eat, sleep, and play together. He loves going to the dog park to socialize with other dogs and people, and is sometimes so excited that he stands on his back paws like a meerkat! Now called Cody, this little pup was clearly the perfect fit for Lisa’s heart!

Have you recently adopted a cat or dog from Valley Humane? Let us know how things are going! Send your cutest, clearest photos and all those adorable details about life with your new best friend to adoptions@valleyhumane.orgBe sure to include your first and last name and your pet’s VHS name (if known).