Success Story: Tinkerbelle

Cooper and Pixie 20151025_square

Tinkerbelle was flighty as fairy when she landed at Valley Humane Society. The two-year-old terrier mix was nervous and slight, wary even of entering the home of the foster family who would help care for her. She had to be coaxed…when she finally went inside, Tinkerbelle found the family’s dog bed and collapsed, sleeping for two days straight. Finally she was safe!

By the third day Tinkerbelle had finally relaxed and no longer wanted to be alone. She joined the nightly pileup in the human’s bed which included her foster, the family dog, and several cats. Tinkerbelle loved to walk and gained confidence every day, though she remained slow to warm up to new people and situations.

Tinkerbelle adoption 012_squareJust a few weeks later, Tinkerbelle’s photo enchanted Susanne, who was looking to adopt a companion for her other rescue dog. Susanne and Cooper, a large poodle mix, flew down to Valley Humane Society to meet her. The two dogs hit it off perfectly, and set about playing and wrestling as soon as the leashes were off.

Now named Pixie, Tinkerbelle is adjusting wonderfully to her new home. She and Cooper are getting along beautifully, and though she is still skittish, she comes when called, takes her treats, and wags her pleasure at belly rubs. Through the magic of patience, this little sprite turned out to be a great addition to the family!

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