Success Story: Twizzler

Twizzler, a cat

Twizzler had enough siblings and cousins to fill a concession stand. The cats came to VHS as part of a bulk private surrender from a guardian who realized that her feline fascination had grown beyond her capacity to care for them. One by one, Dot, Skittle, Starburst, and the gang went home to sweeten the lives of new families. Yet long after his candy-coated siblings were gone, Twizzler, a handsome, affectionate, and lively orange tabby remained at VHS awaiting adoption.

Hanging near Twizzler’s kennel was a letter written by one of his foster guardians recommending him as a very nice cat. It was that letter which convinced the Nostrand family that Twizzler would be the perfect addition to their family. Being good with kids just sweetened the deal. Now called Buster Posey, Twizzler has fully adjusted to family life. “I know he was with you a long time,” says his new mom. “We are very grateful for the good care he received from VHS.”

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