Success Story: Zuzu

ZuZu 2.12.16 (3)_square

If you’ve ever wondered whether time really is relative, just ask Zuzu. She was running out of it at the crowded municipal shelter. Her stray hold was up when Valley Humane Society’s animal care manager noticed her round little tabby face with its cute, pert nose and observant eyes. Once she settled in our adoption center, however, Zuzu took her time…getting adopted, that is! After nearly a year in our facility, Zuzu found her forever home. But before another year had passed, she came back. Extremely stressed in the presence other cats, Zuzu objected when her guardian’s father’s cat joined the household after the gentleman passed away. Once again, time crept for Zuzu. She had plenty of visitors in her kitty condo, but continued to be passed by time and again. As she was approaching another full year at Valley Humane Society, our volunteer programs manager happened to use Zuzu as an example during her volunteer orientation of how animals remain with us until they are adopted. This piqued the interest of Ann, who wanted to see this cat who had been at the facility for so long. It was pretty much love at first sight! In no time at all, Ann filled out adoption paperwork, and Zuzu found her forever home for the second time.

The two have settled in and things are going great! Zuzu is now called Agney; she eats off a china plate and entertains herself birdwatching through the patio door. Life is nice and quiet with no other cats around, and they have all the time in the world to enjoy each other’s company.

Have you recently adopted a cat or dog from Valley Humane? Let us know how things are going! Send your cutest, clearest photos and all those adorable details about life with your new best friend to adoptions@valleyhumane.orgBe sure to include your first and last name and your pet’s VHS name (if known).