Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Kitten

Filbert, Cashew & Peanut_Square

  1. You need a good laugh…daily.
  2. You need a better excuse to attend CatCon 2017.
  3. You just learned that listening to the sound of purring can reduce your stress level.
  4. Too many dust bunnies have accumulated under your sofa.
  5. You’re inexplicably cold now that it’s “only” 88 degrees, and you’d like something to cover your head while you sleep.
  6. You’re trying to get famous using the Internet.
  7. ‘Cuz houseflies. And spiders.
  8. You get lonely going to the bathroom by yourself.
  9. Your plan for total world domination is lacking needs a muse.
  10. Do you really need a reason to adopt a kitten?

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