Black Cat Friday 2013


Today marked our second annual Black Cat Friday event. It was a thrilling day where dozens of community members came to visit our animals and where 12 cats found their forever homes. When our doors unlocked at noon, there was a line waiting outside. Some folks knew exactly who they wanted and went straight to that cat, while others spent the day with us, assuring they made the right decision.

Our goal of the event was to find homes for black or mostly black cats and also some kitties who really needed to get out of the shelter. Cats (older than 8 months) who had been at the shelter longer than 6 months were only $49.99, kittens (2-8 months old) who had been at the shelter longer than 6 months were $99.99, and cats (older than 8 months) who had been rescued and brought to our shelter within the last 3 months were $124.99.

Overall, it was a wonderful event and we look forward to next year.

Congratulations to Posey, Timmy & Sienna, Amber & Leif, Twizzler, Bert, Oscar, Heidi, Pebbles, Cody & Forrest on your forever homes!

Clearance tags for all of the cats.
Posey with her new mom.