Dog Day Wines

Raise your glass in support of animal rescue! Valley Humane Society has forged an exciting partnership with Darcie Kent Vineyards to benefit local dogs and cats through the sale of their Dog Day labels, Dog Day Cabernet and Dog Day Chardonnay.

From the winery’s Give Back Wines, the sale of each bottle of Dog Day Cabernet contributes $2 to the lifesaving and life-enriching programs of Valley Humane Society. The distinctive red label featuring Darcie’s faithful beloved Shepherd, Brunello, and the Valley Humane Society logo make it easy to spot “the bottle that benefits” on the shelves of local Costco stores.

Dog Day Cabernet was created when Valley Humane Society helped a mother cat and two kittens Darcie found in the vineyard. “I was so impressed with their programs, how they serve the community and our animal friends that I wanted to do something that could help in a big way.”

Since then the label has expanded to include Dog Day Chardonnay, which also gives back $2 for each bottle sold. Both wines are also available through Almost Famous Wine Company.