Wednesday Workshop Series

Wednesday Evenings
VHS Adoption Center, 3670 Nevada Street, Pleasanton
4-5 pm

Learn how you can make a difference for animals in our community! Valley Humane Society’s Wednesday Workshop series offers animal-loving youth and families a chance to create enriching experiences with dogs and cats by exploring their unique needs and finding out what keeps them healthy and makes them happy. Each Wednesday Workshop will consist of humane education lessons that explore topics such as animal welfare and pet responsibility. While all activities will be centered around helping adoptable animals, animal interaction is not guaranteed.

Workshops are geared for children ages 8 and up. Parents are welcome. Each workshop is limited to 10 registrants. There is no fee to attend, but registration is required, and donations are welcome. ALL participants will be required to wear a face covering for the duration of the workshop. Sign up today!


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July 7 • Pets 101

Come learn how much time, space, and money it might take to keep a pet healthy and happy for the duration of their life. Did you know there are some basic needs that all pet share? Come find out what all pets need to be healthy and happy.

July 14 • DIY Dog Toys

Come learn all about dogs and what it takes to keep them healthy and happy. This workshop outlines several projects that are fun and easy, and will help dogs from being bored, either at home or in our care. Participants will go home with dog toys that they made themselves.

July 21 • DIY Cat Toy

Have a feline friend in your life that you want to keep healthy and happy? Come join us to learn how to properly enrich your cat’s life so they have something to do that they enjoy. This workshop outlines several projects that are fun and easy.  Participants will go home with their very own cat toys that they made themselves.

July 28 • Pet Body Language

Animals and humans share many of the same feelings. Even though our pets cannot speak to us, they can show us how they are feeling using body language. Participants will go home with an interactive paper model that they color themselves.