Halloween Pet Tips

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Enjoy a safe and spooky Halloween holiday with these tips to treat your pet to comfort and reassurance.

Keep Treats Appropriate

Save the chocolate for the two-legged terrors, and make sure stray wrappers aren’t available for the munching. Keep candy bowls out of snooping range to prevent pets from helping themselves.

Create a Cozy Cave

Secure pets in an interior room, even those considered friendly with children and strangers. Provide creature comforts like food and water, soft bedding and a favorite toy (if not already available in the space). Turn on a radio or TV at low volume to create some background noise that will mask the sounds of visitors.

Cute is Relative

Be a compassionate pet parent, and don’t insist on costumes if your pet doesn’t seem that enthused. Definitely avoid masks that could create breathing problems or block vision. Also keep an eye out for chewing, lest your little monster ingest something horrible.

Stay Flame Free

Tails swoosh, and fur goes up with a whoosh! Make sure lit candles aren’t where pets can brush up against them or knock them over. Better yet, invest in some cheap battery-powered faux tealights and rest easy…as easy as you can with ghouls and goblins flitting about, anyway. Meowhahaha!

Have a Backup

If they don’t have one, pick up a collar and ID tags for your pet prior to the holiday, and make sure they’re worn. Most pet stores can engrave ID tags on the spot, or you can stop by Valley Humane Society and pick up a Red Dingo card that will allow you to order online (orders are engraved and shipped by the next day). Proceeds from the sale of Red Dingo tags benefits Valley Humane Society.