Special Needs Pets

As if losing one’s home weren’t enough, some animals face additional challenges which make it harder for them to find another. From physical impairments, to chronic health issues requiring long-term treatment, to needing extra understanding and patience while they learn to trust again, all of them are just as loving and deserving of love as any cute kitten or playful puppy!

Our Adoption Counselors will make sure you have a full understanding of any special needs your new pet has, whether it’s training, medication, or simply an indoor-only environment. Make room in your heart today for one of these very special animals and discover just how special they are!


Louie and Lily are the sweetest pair of bonded siblings you’ll ever find!

Louie has limited vision, and a mild disorder that causes jerky movements, tremors and uncoordinated motion, which can make him more prone to injury. Louie can live a normal kitty lifespan. His disorder won’t cause him any suffering and it won’t get better or worse.

They’re hoping to find a single story home where they will spend their time indoors only together. Share their love Lily.Square.YTMand bring them home with you today!