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Man’s best friend. They’ve been there for us practically since time began, at our side, in our homes…counting on us to accept (and return) the love and affection they consistently offer. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, each one able to wag, wriggle, or worm their way into our hearts. Discover a dog that delights you today!


They’re cute, they’re cuddly…they couldn’t care less what we think! Life with a feline friend can be entertaining, exciting, and ever so rewarding. Cats are playful and particular, purring powerhouses of love and affection, whether classically mysterious and sphinx-like or goofy as a puppy. Find yourself a feline friend today!

Special Needs

Some animals face challenges which make finding a new home that much more difficult. They may have physical impairments or chronic health issues, or just require specific environments…but animals with special needs are as loving and deserving of love as any other. Make room in your heart today and learn just how very special they are!


Investing your heart in an older pet can be incredibly rewarding, knowing time is precious and your gentle care in their senior years is as needed as it is welcome. Their unconditional love does not lessen with age, nor their need for affection diminish! Everyone deserves a friend, right up until the end…cherish a senior pet today.

Adoption Fees & Requirements

We get so much out of our furry companions, but at Valley Humane Society we also put a lot in! Each dog and cat in our care receives high-quality veterinary care, vaccines, microchips, nutritional diets, socialization, and plenty of love. 

In addition, each pet is spayed or neutered before going home. Connect with one of our knowledgeable adoption counselors who can pair you up with the pet that’s right for you!

Adult Dogs




Adult Cats




Kitten Pair


Over 65?


*on pets over 7 years old

Sponsor a Pet

Make a donation to help cover the expenses of caring for your favorite adoptable animal during its stay at Valley Humane Society, using our handy Petfinder portal.

Home to Home

There’s no place like home! Visit our direct-to-guardian portal to adopt or rehome a pet for free, help keep dogs and cats out of shelters and in a home where they belong.

Ready to Adopt?

If you've already perused our adoptable cat and dog listings, reviewed what to expect from the adoption process, and understand the applicable fees and requirements, let's get started! Here's a link to our online adoption application.

Success Stories

Have you adopted from Valley Humane Society recently? Tell us all about your new pet! Your story can help the next dog or cat find love by showing potential adopters how happiness and love can be found with a rescued animal. Happy families are our goal!

Petty and Holland

Petty and Holland

Petty and Holland came to Valley Humane Society as part of the “Toms” litter last September, an all male group of 6 puppies named after iconic Toms. After spending a few weeks in foster care and receiving their neuters at the Phil Scholz Veterinary Surgery Center, they found a home together with mom Jill.

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Cork came to Valley Humane with his brothers, Kilkenny and Blarney, around St. Patrick’s Day this year. As young adults, they settled into Kitty City right away, before Cork found his new family a few weeks later.

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Carlton came to Valley Humane on December 21 with his brother, Ritz, as 2 month old puppies....

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