Phil Scholz Veterinary Surgery Center

We’re ensuring lifesaving care isn’t hindered by access and affordability for both adopted and adoptable cats and dogs.

Phil Scholz Veterinary Surgery Center

Valley Humane Society’s Phil Scholz Veterinary Surgery Center provides much-needed spay and neuter services to the public as well as shelter and rescue partners, many of whom experience significant delays in locating available spay/neuter appointments for their adoptable animals. With the ability to perform up to 140 surgeries a week, the surgery center will significantly reduce local pet overpopulation, enable rescue groups to ready their homeless pets for adoption faster, and move animals from shelters—including Valley Humane Society—into homes more quickly.

The surgery center also offers specialty procedures for clients of veterinary referral when lifesaving outcomes for their patients are threatened by financial challenges. This increased access to necessary care will help keep owned pets out of shelters and in the arms of the guardians who already love them.

Visit our Surgery Center Booking page to make a spay/neuter appointment for your cat or dog.



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