Phil Scholz Veterinary Surgery Center

Dogs and cats end up in shelters for many reasons, but when an otherwise beloved pet must be surrendered by its own family because the care it needs is beyond their ability to provide, it’s particularly heartbreaking. In addition, many animals go untreated, living with discomfort, or suffering because their guardian can’t bear to part with them. Nearly one-third of families in our community struggle to make those tough decisions when their pet’s health concerns run afoul of the family budget. At Valley Humane Society, our mission is to create a brighter future for pets by encouraging and strengthening the bond they share with people. We want to make sure no cat or dog is left without essential care, and we don’t want to see them relinquished to shelters just to get it. Valley Humane Society’s Phil Scholz Veterinary Surgery Center aims to reduce pet surrender due to financial challenges by increasing accessibility to necessary surgeries that will save and improve lives.

The lives of animals already in shelters will be positively impacted as well. The surgery center will offer spay/neuter services to local rescue organizations who have experienced significant delays in locating available appointments for their animals. By helping meet the overwhelming demand for these surgeries, Valley Humane Society will enable rescue groups to ready their homeless pets for adoption faster, allowing them to move more animals from a shelter into a home more quickly.

Help keep families together and pets out of the shelter! Your donation today will help Valley Humane Society complete the building of the Phil Scholz Veterinary Surgery Center so we can begin to serve pets and rescued animals throughout the community.

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