Feral & Community Cats

Community cats aren’t lost…they’re at home outdoors! Also known as feral or stray, community cats are generally not socialized to live with people. However, they do need our help to live safe, healthy lives.


With a focus on adoptable animals, Valley Humane Society refers issues of local feral or “community” cats to other organizations specializing in this area. For questions or assistance with feral cats, such as trapping or spay/neuter, please contact one of the groups below.

In spring and summer, people often find kittens belonging to feral or stray cats. The first thing to do is observe, to determine whether a mother cat is coming around to care for the kittens. She may be gone for several hours at a time, and may also move the kittens periodically (one at a time) to what she feels is a safer spot. The best place for unweaned kittens is with their mother, and they should be trapped together.

Trapped animals should be taken to the nearest animal control agency. Valley Humane Society routinely takes in kittens and nursing litters from animal control, which we place into foster homes until they are old enough for adoption. If you are interested in fostering kittens, please attend an upcoming Foster Families Workshop.

A wealth of information about caring for feral or community cats and kittens can be found at https://www.alleycat.org.

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