About AniMeals

Giving pet guardians a little help providing for their furry family members when times are tough helps keep dogs and cats out of shelters and in homes, where they belong.


Valley Humane Society’s AniMeals program assists low-income pet guardians in keeping their beloved animals at home. Donated dog and cat food is redistributed within the community free of charge in the form of hundreds of thousands of pet meals, working through partner organizations such as food banks.

Donations of wet or dry dog and cat food in any brand, even opened or expired, are accepted for redistribution. In addition, monetary donations allow for the purchase of needed supplies at wholesale rates, maximizing donor impact. 

How to Help

To get Pet Food help, check out the AniMeals program.


Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization, helping us rescue more animals and reach more people than we ever could alone! Put your talents to work in our community and make a difference, make new friends, and help make it all possible!

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