Senior or Special Needs

Unconditional love knows no age or limitation! Embark on a journey of compassion and make a heartwarming connection with a wise and resilient companion whose uniqueness only makes them more extraordinary.


Everyone deserves a friend! Our Seniors for Seniors program pairs those animals who most need a home with our community’s most honored citizens. Seniors 65 and older are invited to take half off the adoption fee of any dog or cat 7 years and older. Having a pet improves both physical health and mental outlook…for the guardian and the animal. Adopt a senior pet today!

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Celine Dion and Jason Bourne were found stray together in early February. While in shelter care, they have been housed together and separately. These Golden Oldies do seem to enjoy each other’s company but can settle alone as well. While they would do well to be adopted together, they also seem likely to thrive on their own. Both received dental cleanings on February 23, 2024. As small dogs, Jason and Celine are really young seniors, estimated to be between 7 and 10 years of age, with many years ahead of them!

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Izzy is a sassy senior; while aged 15+ years, she is healthy and bright and has strong opinions about when she wants and doesn’t want to play.  Given that she is well into her golden years, we think she’s earned that right!  Izzy was surrendered to Valley Humane when her senior owner had failing health and needed to move into assisted living.  Before coming into the shelter, Izzy had lived with another senior female cat.  She is looking for a quiet home that can give her her own space and let her relax in her sunset years.

Special Needs

As if losing one’s home weren’t enough, some animals face additional challenges which make it harder for them to find another. From physical impairments, to chronic health issues requiring long- term treatment, to needing extra understanding and patience while they learn to trust again, all of them are just as loving and deserving of love as any cute kitten or playful puppy!

Our Adoption Counselors will make sure you have a full understanding of any special needs your new pet has, whether it’s training, medication, or simply an indoor-only environment. Make room in your heart today for one of these very special animals and discover just how special they are!

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Dr. Studly is a gorgeous beast of a puppy; he is affectionate and cuddly and quick to bond with his humans. He enjoys playing with other dogs, hogging the couch and re-landscaping your yard (whether you asked him to or not!). Dr. Studly has congenital methemoglobinemia, an inherited blood disease in dogs, and thus is destined for a low-key lifestyle. He is not one to go out on a big hike nor travel to higher altitudes, such as Lake Tahoe.  Affected dogs have an impaired ability to deliver oxygen to tissues of the body. Though affected dogs rarely have clinical signs requiring veterinary intervention, they may experience lifelong intolerance to exercise and display an intermittent or consistent blue or purple hue to gums, tongue, and skin, becoming more pronounced during exercise. At this time, Dr. Studly is enjoying normal puppy activities in his foster home, including running around and playing with 2 large dogs and chewing on his favorite small green squeaky toys.

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Sheldon is an old soul looking for a quiet home, perhaps without children and other pets.  He is a sensitive boy and doesn’t like change; much like the character he was named after in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory!  This quirky cat has been diagnosed with HOCM, a genetic disease that causes thickening of the heart muscle as well as turbulent flow of blood through the aorta.  At this time, Sheldon is not exhibiting any symptoms related to his illness but he will need to be on heart medication for life and regular ultrasounds are recommended to determine if his heart disease is progressing.

Adoption Fees & Requirements

We get so much out of our furry companions, but at Valley Humane Society we also put a lot in! Each dog and cat in our care receives high-quality veterinary care, vaccines, microchips, nutritional diets, socialization, and plenty of love.

In addition, each pet is spayed or neutered before going home. Connect with one of our knowledgeable adoption counselors who can pair you up with the pet that’s right for you!

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