Humane Education

Engaging young people to understand and care for pets fosters a lifelong love and sense of responsibility that creates a brighter future for all.

Humane Education

Companion animals are a vital part of the healthy emotional development of children. Valley Humane Society’s humane education programs teach young people respect for all life using enriching activities and hands-on experiences.

Children are able to explore and develop character traits like empathy, kindness, compassion, trust, mindfulness, respect, and responsibility, resulting in:

  • A stronger bond with animals, which is proven to create better human relationships
  • The desire to become a responsible pet guardian
  • A reduction in the number of animals that are abused, neglected, abandoned, or surrendered to animal shelters
  • A reduction in bullying and violence in families, schools, and communities.

Youth Project Ideas

From donation drives to enrichment crafts, there are many ways kids and teens can help shelter pets. Find your favorite today!


Explore our variety of workshops for both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts as well as Service Project consultation workshops.

Field Trips & School Visits

“A” is for animals! Find out how your school can schedule a visit with Valley Humane Society.

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