Everyone deserves a friend! Our Seniors for Seniors program pairs those animals who most need a home with our community’s most honored citizens. Seniors 65 and older are invited to take half off the adoption fee of any dog or cat 7 years and older. Having a pet improves both physical health and mental outlook…for the guardian and the animal. Adopt a senior pet today!

Rocky may only have one of his nine lives left but he’s comfortable and happy and making the most of the time he has left.  At 15 years of age, Rocky has several health concerns which are currently managed by medication and diet.  He’s a great eater and takes his pills with food without any fuss.  He spends much of the day sleeping but if that can be on your lap, he’d be happy as a clam!



Foxface is a healthy young senior.  After her owner’s health declined, she was surrendered to the shelter and has taken some time to acclimate to her new environment.  She has been much happier in foster care with a caregiver who patiently allowed her to adjust and come out of her shell.  Foxface loves watching birds and activity out the window and a good romp with her wand toy!



Junior came into Valley Humane in poor health but a sweet demeanor.  In our care, Junior’s bouncy personality has emerged as his health improved.  He’s a senior guy but still has several good years ahead of him.  With a Rx diet and recent dental procedure, Junior’s health is well-managed and giving him the chance to enjoy his golden years.  Junior is easy to care for; he loves car rides and happily enjoys the wind coming in the windows.  When it’s time for bed, he puts himself into his crate and dreams the night away.  In foster care, he is doing quite well with a younger female dog.  While not one to play, he can easily share a home with another dog.



Lola‘s longtime caregiver passed away this past February and while out-of-town family was able to care for Lola temporarily, ultimately, Lola was relinquished to Valley Humane in hopes of finding a new loving home.  Lola loves hard and fast and quickly bonds with a new caregiver.  She does get anxious when left alone and would love to find a home with people or another dog who are with her most of the day.  Despite her senior age (12), Lola loves a good walk and shows her exuberance at exploring the neighborhood.  The rest of the day, Lola is content to nap near her caregivers.  Lola is indifferent to other dogs and can easily live in the household with a canine companion; in fact, they soothe her anxiety when her human caregivers are away.  While in Valley Humane’s care, Lola had a benign mammary tumor removed as well as her left eye due to glaucoma.  After these procedures, it’s apparent Lola is feeling better and ready to take on her golden years!