Dogtopia of the Tri-Valley opens on July 6th! Yay! Dogtopia is a doggy day care opening in Pleasanton. The owners are really great and they made a wonderful video featuring our very own Nat, Thomas, and Wendy.

To view their blog, click on the Dogtopia of the Tri-Valley Blog in the links section on the upper right hand side.

And here is the video;


Hey everybody! Are you missing seeing your favorite kitty?! I just set up a ‘Photobucket’ account with a whole bunch of VHS pictures in it! I’m adding old and new so that we will always remember the kitties who have already been adopted, and in between the days you hang out at the shelter, you can go to this site just to look at all the babies 🙂
If you want to add any pics, please email me at, and I will upload the pic for you, you can also add a description to the pic if you’d like.
The link is here, and I will also put it on the links section on the upper right hand side.
To view it, click the link and all the cats at VHS now (or in foster) will be posted; to view the adopted animals, click on the ‘Adopted Kitties’ link!



Sorry for the late update, but Macaroni was adopted on Wednesday! Macaroni was the 3rd kitten of the ‘Pastas’ to find a home. There are still two left, Tortellini and Ravioli. Mom, Noodle, is also looking for a forever home; maybe she could go with one of her babies?


Fanta went home today. He is now living with Batman! The lady wanted Batman to have a friend since he seemed lonely, and Fanta seemed to fill that position of companion quite nicely.
Fanta was one of the Soda babies who was born on the car ride down to VHS from Kings County on April 12, 2009. His life may have started out a little rocky, but he’s definetely going to be one happy little guy with a new family and a new best friend now. 🙂

Great Catsby

Hey everybody!

Don’t forget about our Great Catsby Casino Night! It’s going to be great, and you are guaranteed a fabulous time. Buy your tickets now at or come down to the shelter. You won’t regret it!
Here are the details:

Please join us for an unforgettable evening of dinner, dancing, and gambling under the stars. Tickets are $75 per person and include dinner, 2 drink tickets, and gambling chips. Roaring twenties cocktail attire preferred. Prohibition cocktails!
Featuring the Tri-Valley Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament! (Optional $75 buy-in.)
Place your bets for the pets!


Jasper went home yesterday and this is what Natalie reports:

“So yesterday Jasper went home with a nice family, one little girl, a Mom and a Dad. They had a cat that passed away just under a year ago. They were great with Jasper and loved his energy and ultra loud purr. “

Yay Jasper! We are so happy for you!

Vegas & Lil’ Red

Vegas was adopted today to a great family of five. Four humans (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister) and a canine companion! The family made their decision wisely as this was their third visit before decision. Originally they had looked at Paula but they chose Vegas because they thought he would fit better with their lifestyle. Congrats Vegas!

Also, with some sad news our sweet Lil’ Red has gone to heaven today. Thank you everybody for all the love you gave him on his time on Earth. Now he has unlimited mice to chase and pals to play with. We love you and will miss you Lil’ Red.

The Cullens and updates

Edward and Rosalie went home today! They really are going into a great home! I’m so happy for them! Also, our little Alice is on hold to go home with our ISO volunteer Heather as soon as shes spayed. Alice is one lucky girl!

All of our little babies and older babies are in a great mood today. Everybody is purring and playing! They all told me to tell you to come down tomorrow and come visit them!


Reno just went home with a nice couple. They were the couple who put Chance on hold yesterday, but when they came back they fell in love with Reno!
Also, all three of our little Soda babies are on hold!

Hi everybody!
It was a quiet day at the shelter but Chance will be going home tomorrow with a nice family 🙂
Also, the Sodas kittens returned today! Mom, Soda, had her baby kittens on the way over to VHS from Kings County on Easter this past April. They went straight into foster from there and now they’re finally back!
Tomorrow Alice and Esme of the Cullens will be returning to the shelter, not quite ready for adoption but atleast they’ll be together as a happy family again!