Talulah and Cayce Mae update

I just got word from Sharon (Talulah’s foster mom) that Talulah is doing amazingly well! She is purring, laying on the whole families lap, sleeping on their bed, and just having a fabulous time. She is not so fond of Pie (the foster family’s younger cat) but Sharon is working on that. I am so happy for you Talulah!

Also, Cayce Mae is in a great mood today. I had her in the work room for about 20 minutes, and she was purring away, she is so very happy. Right now she is relaxing in Nat’s office. I’m glad to see her looking up! 🙂


Robin was adopted today! He went home to a family with a Mom, Dad, and two daughters. One daughter is attending college elsewhere, but will probably be home frequently to visit little Robin.
This family’s 16 year old kitty had just passed away a few months ago, so this was a big step for Mom, but everything seemed to go well reports Nat.
We are all so happy for Robin!


Our beautiful Talulah went into foster yesterday with one of our volunteers. We all hope Talulah enjoys the vacation and we will miss her!


Our little Bobby has just landed in Portland, Oregon! He was adopted yesterday by Nat’s best friend Jenine. He will be living with another kitty named Chubbers, and Jenine and her husband! We are all so happy for you Bobby!

Also, the nice couple who put Jake on hold found a kitten this weekend so Jake is not on hold anymore, but he is now in Kitty City waiting for some loving! Go visit him in the all the way bottom left cage in the back room, he’s a lonely fellow right now waiting for you to come give him attention 🙂

The Birds

The rest of our beautiful ‘Birds’ went home this afternoon. Cardinal, Finch, and Oriole were all adopted into the same family, yay! Cardinal will be moving to LA though, while Finch and Oriole stay in Danville. Finch and Oriole will be living with a 14 cat year kitty with Diabetes, and a very loving family.
Cardinal will be moving into a home with a doggy and I believe another kitty!
Yay for the Birds!

Also, the Cullens went back into foster tonight for a little TLC and to start feeling better before coming back to the shelter for adoption!

Successful Saturday!

Hi everybody!
Today was amazing day at the shelter! Sparrow and Raven both went to an awesome home, as did Pigeon! Oriole and Cardinal are both going to a home tomorrow as well. Bobby is in foster to adopt! Yay! And- Jake is on hold to go home sometime next week, once he has been vaccinated and examined by Pam to make sure everything is A-OK! 🙂


Pigeon was just adopted into a lovely home. The lady who adopted her made sure she was the right kitten for her by visiting three other shelters in the area (Hayward, Fremont, Dublin) before taking Pigeon.

Pigeon is one lucky kitten!

Raven & Sparrow

I’m very happy to announce that Raven and Sparrow just went home! A nice couple with two older Siamese cats already proudly adopted Raven and Sparrow excited for them to join their home!


Hi everybody!

Welcome to the brand new VHS blog! On here will be regularly updated news on all the animals, events, and everything else at the shelter!