Canine Comfort Pet-Assisted Therapy

The relationship between pets and people has immeasurable value on our emotional and physical health. Through Canine Comfort Pet-Assisted Therapy, Valley Humane Society brings dogs into places where most pets can’t go, sharing the unconditional love that animals offer and creating opportunities for people to experience the love of a pet.

Together with their own personal dogs, Valley Humane’s Canine Comfort volunteers visit medical facilities, schools, libraries, retirement homes, and even corporate offices throughout the Bay Area. Interacting with animals soothes people in moments of stress and grief, helping them to manage their emotions and mental outlook – whether they are having a rough day, headed into a History final, or struggling through a trauma.

Some teams also participate in Paws to Read, a special Canine Comfort program which encourages a love of animals and improves the reading skills of children in cooperation with local libraries and schools.

Many teams also participate in Valley Humane’s fundraising events and humane education programs, greeting guests and visitors with a smile and a wag.

To find out how you can make a difference with your dog and improve the lives of others throughout our community, please click the sign up button below.