Foster an Animal

Foster an AnimalValley Humane Society can only rescue as many cats and dogs as we have kennel space available. We rely on ongoing adoptions to free up that space. That’s where foster families can make a big difference. By opening up their hearts and homes, foster families help expand the walls of our center to save more lives. In addition, fostering:

  • Prepares dogs and cats for adoption
  • Provides a place for sick or injured animals to heal
  • Helps young animals stay healthy
  • Coaxes shy animals out of their shells
  • Offers a short-term volunteer commitment

Valley Humane Society provides everything needed to foster an animal – veterinary care, food, dishes, litter box, litter, travel carrier, collar and leash, etc. Foster families must bring their charges in for medical checkups and return them once they have reached adoptable status…and provide lots of love and attention, of course!

To become a foster, the first step is to attend a Foster Families Workshop (volunteers only need to attend 1 workshop). All members of a household responsible for care of the animal(s) must attend. Workshops are hosted in Valley Humane’s Community Room located at 3670 Nevada Street in Pleasanton.

Upcoming Workshops

Friday, February 23rd 5:00 PM – RSVP now!